In-house Lab

Come by to visit or send us your sample!

There are different possibilities to benefit from this service: you can come by, visit our facility and scan the samples together with our scientists. The other option is to send us your samples and instructions. On request our scientists will video chat you in the course of the working process. We will scan the samples according to your specifications. You can be assured that our scientists handle all your sample with maximum caution.

The technical equipment gets checked, updated and calibrated on regular basis to ensure the best quality possible for your scans.

Single-photon Fluorescence Setup:

  • Upright and inverted configuration
  • Illumination source: 8 discrete output bands through UV-VIS-nIR (380 – 750 nm), >200mW / channel at the sample
  • Variable Filter sets for experiment dependent customized imaging
  • sCMOS monochrome camera with >95% QE
  • Color camera for brightfield imaging

Multi-photon Fluorescence Setup:

  • Upright and inverted configuration
  • Laser light sources used in MP-1040, MP-920F and MP-Tune: >0.6W <130fs 80MHz pulses at 1040nm; >0.2W <130fs 80MHz pulses at 920nm
  • 4 simultaneous PMT channels for 2-photon, 3-photon, SHG and THG imaging, GaAsP PMTs with low dark current, special selection
  • Variable Filter sets for experiment dependent customized imaging
  • Galvo-galvo scanning, up to 900 μm FOV
  • Pixel up to 2048 x 2048

Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) Setup:

  • Upright or inverted configuration
  • Automatic slide scanning
  • Single-photon or multi-photon setup

Additional Equipment:

  • Motorized stage for tiling and z-stack imaging
  • Piezo z-stage for high precision z-stacking.
  • Objectives: 16x Water (NA 0.8, WD 3.0), 20x Air (NA 0.75, WD 1.0), 25x Water (NA 1.0, WD 4.0), 40x Air (NA 0.95, WD 0.2), 60x Oil (NA 1.4, WD 0.21), 100x Oil (NA 1.4, WD 0.17), 4x Air (NA 0.2; WD 20.0)

In-house Lab

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