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Turn-key, Flexible, Multi‑photon, Compact, Multimodal
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Free moving scan heads allows for imaging of a huge variety of samples
Experience the power and convenience of multimodal imaging
With no need for an optical table you can use the MP series anywhere, anytime
Experience the power and convenience of multimodal imaging
With an all in one and turn-key design you can get imaging straight out of the box
With no need for an optical table you can use the MP series anywhere, anytime
Experience the power and convenience of multimodal imaging
Free moving scan head allows for imaging of a large variety of samples at any angle

Unique free-moving scanhead

Easy-to-use in almost any indoor working environment

Working with a multimodal microscope should not be limited to working in a well-equipped working space such as a laboratory. The MP‑series gives every user the unique possibility to choose the working environment independently and according to the own needs. The system can easily be moved and thus be shared between different groups without the need of leaving the own laboratory. There is also no service technician needed for the setup, our microscope can be transported easily wherever it is needed and the compact construction allows a setup even in the office at home.

Multimodality at its best

Our MP-series combines single-photon, two-photon, higher harmonics and brightfield imaging in one device. No change of device, no searching for the right position on the sample. Once the sample is placed, the imaging process can be started, modalities and resolution can be changed just by clicking buttons on the screen. You would like to change from micro level to macro level and back again? No problem for our MP-series. Our device offers multimodality at its best.

Ready to go out of the box
There is no need for a technician to screw things together at the customer site. Our microscopes ship fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box.
Our microscopes are easy to set-up and easy to use. They have been designed from scratch to be used by anyone in any location.
Multimodality at its best
Experience the convenience and power of multimodal imaging in a flexible, upgradable, modular package.
No optical table
There is no need for an optical table. Our microscopes are designed to be used anywhere, by anyone.
Energy efficient
No excessive heat and quiet operation that helps save energy and reduces the cost of system maintenance.
Easy to transport
Our system is easy to transport, making it the ideal system for a flexible working space and sharing it with other groups.
Always aligned
The lasers and optics are permanently aligned and ready to use so you can spend less time getting things set up and running. More time for imaging.
No water cooling
Our air cooled system is not only energy efficient but also ready within a few minutes (short laser warm up time) and can be set up in almost any indoor working space.
Free-moving scanhead
With our unique free-moving scan head, users can image samples of varying size from every angle.

Three models to maximize the utility:


Multimodal microscope with fixed wavelength laser


Multimodal microscope with fixed dual wavelength laser


Multimodal microscope with fixed and tuneable wavelength laser
*MP-tune available Q2/2021
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Powerful software integrations

Our software allows for the collection of more reliable data in less time. Our Windows 10 scripts are customized to automate workflows and integrate external image analysis programmes.

integrates with:

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